Aims & Scope

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  Aims and Scope

  IJRARE is devoted to theoretical, experimental and practical developments in Railway Engineering that cover, but are not limited to, the following topics:


  Rolling Stock

  RS1- Contact Mechanics, Wheel and Rail Interface; RS2- Wear of Rail and Wheel; RS3- Rolling Contact Fatigue; RS4- Dynamics of Rail-Wheel Interaction; RS5- Braking Systems; RS6- Railway Dynamics; RS7- New Concepts in Structural Design of Passenger and Freight Trains; RS8- Crashworthiness; RS9- Fatigue Design; RS10-Active Suspension Systems; RS11-Train Aerodynamics; RS12- Power Generation Systems; RS13- Power Transmission Systems; RS14- Railway Noise and Vibration Control; RS15 - Equipment, Testing and Simulation for Safety ; RS16- Derailment Analysis; RS17- Maintenance and Repair; RS18- High-speed Trains; RS19- Machinery Fault Diagnosis and Condition Monitoring; RS20- Ride Quality Assessment; RS21-Magnetic Levitation systems


  Railway Track and Structures

  RT1- Train – Bridge Interaction; RT2-Train-Track Interaction; RT3- Railway Track Maintenance Management Systems; RT4- Dynamics of Railway Track; RT5- Track Construction & Maintenance; RT6- Track Safety; RT7- Tunneling and Underground Stability Analysis; RT8- Reliability of Track and Structures; RT9- Structural Health Monitoring; RT10- Seismic Analysis of Railway Structures; RT11-New Concepts in Track Design; RT12-Track Quality Measurement Systems; RT13- Ground-born Vibration; RT14- Railway Infrastructure, Superstructure and Maintenance; RT15- Track Construction; RT16- Construction Management; RT17- Ladder Tracks; RT18- Magnetic Levitation Tracks; RT19- Railway Bridges, Design and Maintenance; RT20-New Technologies in Welding


  Railway Transportation

  RTN1-Railway Management System; RTN2-Intelligent Control Systems; RTN3-Railway Construction Planning; RTN4-Train Scheduling & Planning; RTN5-Railway Transportation Demand Analysis; RTN6-Railway Transportation Economics; RTN7-Data Mining in Railway Transportation; RTN8-Network Modeling and Optimization; RTN9-Freight Transportation and Logistics; RTN10-Transportation Systems and Policy; RTN11-Intermodal Transportation; RTN12- Restructuring of Railways; RTN13- Human Resources Management; RTN14- Railway Risk Analysis; RTN15- HSE in Railway Construction and Engineering


  Railway Electrification and Signaling

  RES1- Traction Motor Control; RES2- Railway Electrification; RES3- Railway Signaling Systems; RES4-Traction Supply Systems Analysis; RES5- Electrical Drivers; RES6- Traction Technologies; RES7- Automation of Railway Systems; RES8-Railway Control Systems; RES9-Automatic Traffic Control; RES10-Traffic Modelling and Simulation


  Urban Railway Systems

  URS1- Planning and Urban Integration; URS2- Light Rail Transit; URS3- Monorail Systems; URS4- Subway Tunneling; URS5- Subway Track Design and Optimization; URS6- Deep Mines, stability and Safety during Mining; URS7- Underground Structures; URS8- Geodynamics Aspects; URS9- Maintenance on Subway Construction; URS10- Seismic Design of Subway Structures; URS11-Passenger interface systems; URS12- Decision support systems; URS13- Computer techniques; URS14- Driverless operations; URS15- Advanced train control; URS16- Dynamic train regulations; URS17- Timetable planning; URS18- Operations quality; URS19- Subway Communication Systems; URS20- Energy management in Subway Systems; URS21- Power Supply in Subway Systems.

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